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nicolas_epstein rips your face off gently. so much tact. great freaking job guys Favorite track: Trench.
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Recorded/ mixed/ mastered at Earlygrayce

We would like to thank existential meltdowns and the people we love.


released August 9, 2017

John Lecount - Bass
Karen Ledford - Drums
Tyler Hayes - Guitar, Vocals



all rights reserved


TRAMP Kentucky

Buncha bologna.

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Track Name: Trench
There's blood in your throat
With the words
that your mother wrote
Broken teeth always guiding me
Fatigue in your head
fall asleep in a burning bed
Concrete eyes
did you try?

So meet me
in the trenches

And the words crawl out
out of your broken mouth
Carrying that old slang
in this stale air

there's blood in your throat
with the words
that your mother wrote
Track Name: Return The Slab
They say those lost live on in memory
Blurred figures of flesh
caught in this crooked form of reverie
We'll form the smile
out of this misshaped mouth
A tooth out of line
the photographer will edit out

So return the slab

The things you do for love
will come back to you one by one

So return the slab
Track Name: Able Body
You found yourself at the edge of this knife
You sold your limbs
At a discount price
Lips ignite from their faces
in a holy glow
telling me the time and date of your death
but I didn't want to know

I tied my self to your grave
to show you I was never afraid
But you're a window I can't see through
A subtle reminder
My time is soon
So trace the curve
in the crook of my spine
tell me I'll be fine
I'll be fine

I'm able bodied, that much is true
I can still bleed
the same as you
I'm able bodied

But I'm just bleeding out
a long winded goodbye
I swear that I am fine
I'm able bodied

Black tongued saints all pray the same
But eventually
forget their names
You're the god behind closed doors
and I'm the empty room
I'm nothing
Track Name: Shadow Boxer
Shadows are born
In the absence of light
the world contorts and bends
with the closing of my eyes

Your eyes shift and melt away
Blind intent will take their place
But I'll hold myself accountable
for everything that's going wrong

Changeless is the form
I can't identify
This is the fear we're told
We could never find

Your eyes shift and melt away
Blind intent will take their place
But I'll hold myself accountable
for everything that's going wrong

Can you hear that sound?
The sounds of my body
breaking down
But I'll die my own way
Shadow boxing with my mistakes